Who are we?

      Sparda (Sparda Skate) isn't just another "skateboard company" or "clothing brand" we are the newest phenomenon in the skateboard/art industry. We specialize in taking the amazing medium that is skateboard decks and turning them into beautiful and entrancing pieces of art.
We wish to convey the darkest & brightest emotions/beliefs of the human spirit through something as seemingly simple as skateboards. Whether you ride our decks or hang them up for all your friends to see is up to you,
     Our number one priority is building a strong and compassionate community of people that share our vision.
If you'd like to stay updated on sales and events or even have a chance to become a brand representative then be sure to follow us on Instagram at @Spardaskate and join our free newsletter :)

Thank you for taking the time to learn more about us, from everyone at Sparda we hope you have a wonderful day <3