The Samurai
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"The Samurai" Skateboard Art

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ALL of our boards are made from premium 7-ply 100% maple. 

Perfect statement piece for any connoisseur of unique art

This artwork depicts the gaze of a fierce samurai. The Samurai were known as 'Bushi' in Japan, and followed a code called 'bushido'. Which required that Samurai practiced self-discipline, self-sacrifice, obedience, skill, and honor and bravery.

All of our art pieces are one of a kind and not available anywhere else


  • Deck size 32" length
  • 8.25" width
  • Includes 6 wall mounts (2 per board) + screws
  • Grip tape not included
  • Wheels, bearings, and trucks not included


Ships worldwide. Please allow 2 - 4 weeks for delivery.